I've had a problem with the error "Multiple remote heroku apps" , so I looked it up in the web , one of the answers was "git remote rm heroku" , I did it , now I have no remotes at all . When I look in the Heroku dashboard , my URI is there , I don't know what commands I should run in the cmd to fix this ...Please Help!

I've looked around the web , but no useful answers :(

  • Add the heroku remote: git remote add heroku <heroku-repo-url> – Sajib Khan May 15 at 18:56
  • ..... and then do git fetch heroku and it should be back. – eftshift0 May 15 at 19:18
  • Thanks, it still made me problems , so i've deleted the entire thing and started from the beginning. thanks anyway :) – Nitzan May 15 at 22:18

Add back the remote with:

$ git remote add heroku <heroku-url>

Some documentation suggests a remote named heroku, which can be a problem if the application is deployed to multiple Heroku instances (staging, production, etc.). To avoid this problem in the future, add each remote with a unique name:

$ git remote add heroku-staging <heroku-staging-url>

Or, if you find yourself in this situation again, rename existing heroku remotes instead of removing them:

$ git remote rename heroku heroku-staging

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