I am creating a query in MySQL using the WHERE IN clause, but I am not able to pass my array into IN parses

I will use this code in a pricing system. I'm using Angular v6, NodeJS 10+ and MySQL 5.7.

I tried to use a string array, but the query only returns me the data corresponding to the index element 0


module.exports.getProductData = (application, req, res) => {

let part_numbers = req.params.part_numbers;
// example: BAK00001.ELEM,SIP00002.ELEM,BAK00002.ELEM,CC00001.ELEM
let part_numbers_array;

if (part_numbers.indexOf(',') === -1) {
    part_numbers_array = part_numbers
} else {
    part_numbers_array = part_numbers.split(',')
    // example: [ 'BAK00001.ELEM', SIP00002.ELEM', 'BAK00002.ELEM', 'CC00001.ELEM' ]


var connection = application.config.dbConnection;
var ProductsDAO = new application.app.models.ProductsDAO(connection);

ProductsDAO.getProductData(part_numbers_array, (error, results) => {
    if (error) throw error
    return res.send(results)


function ProductsDAO(connection) {
this._connection = connection;

ProductsDAO.prototype.getProductData = function (part_numbers_array, callback) {
    SELECT * FROM tab_price_list as PL 
    WHERE PL.PartNumber IN (?);
`, part_numbers_array, callback)

module.exports = () => {
return ProductsDAO;

I hope my query returns all the records it has in the WHERE IN (array_string) clause

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