I have found some weird behavior regarding UiAutomator's UISelector.text() method.

Let's take this sample code:

val device = UiDevice.getInstance(InstrumentationRegistry.getInstrumentation())
device.wait(Until.hasObject(By.pkg(resolveInfo.activityInfo.packageName).depth(0)), 1000)

device.findObject(UiSelector().text("Some text"))

And suppose I have a Button in my first activity that looks like this:

        android:text="Some text"

When trying to target buttons with properties like textAllCaps the behavior of this method changes depending on the Android version of the device.

For android versions Nougat (api level 24) or higher, this method expects the string passed as parameter to be in caps, as it is rendered (e.g. "SOME TEXT"), while for lower versions it expects the string to be the text assigned to that button's android:text attribute.

Has anyone come up with this? How do you write UITests that run for every android version (let's say minSDKVersion = 19)?

(I know I can use UISelector.description() and UISelector.resourceId() but I would like to be able to use UISelector.text() when desired)

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