I have the following struct which contains a data member pixeldata_ which is a pointer to an array of short ints. Size of this array is width * height.

struct Frame
    const uint16_t* getPixelData()
        return this->pixeldata_;
    int getWidth() { return this->width_; }
    int getHeight(){ return this->height_; }
    void setPixelData(const uint16_t* pixeldata)
        this->pixeldata_ = pixeldata;
    int getSize(){ return this->width_*this->height_; }
    const uint16_t* pixeldata_{nullptr};
    int width_ {0}; // typically 640 for our use case
    int height_{0}; // typically 480 for our use case

Using %include "stdint.i" creates an opaque pointer of type SWIGTYPE_p_unsigned_short which I cannot dereference. How can I copy that array into a Java container favorably an ArrayList of unsigned short

So, how would I wrap the following code for Java and access the member pixeldata_ and retrieve the array of short ints from C++ layer to Java containers?

Frame* Sensor::getFrame();
Frame* frame = getFrame();
auto pixel_data = frame->getPixelData();
for (auto pixel : pixel_data)
// possibly create an image or texture 

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