I have created a dotnet Core project in Visual Studio. When I try to execute the program, Visual Studio prompts me to trust the SSL certificate of IIS Express to avoid warnings in the navigator. When I press "yes", an alert appears stating

failed to add the certificate to the certificate store of trusted root certifications. Error : Access denied.

The list of things that I have tried:

  • Execute Visual Studio as Administrator
  • Put the certificate from personal certificates to Trusted Root Certification Authorities ( as "local computer" and "my computer account" )
  • Although it is a discussion about docker issues there are several proposals to solve this error Github Another resource could also be the following blog entry hanselman – Dimi Takis May 15 at 21:13
  • I'm unsure what exactly the admin privilege execution does, but the insert of certification must be done via other program (technically, Visual Studio executes app <certmgr>, which will perform the insert). Try to log in as an administrator to perform this action, it might give you required privileges. – Tatranskymedved May 16 at 21:30

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