My timezone is -4 or -5 from GMT depending on time of year. Currently it is -4.

If I use this code below, will it automatically switch when we change to -5?

select convert_timezone('America/New_York', CAST(json_extract_path_text('{"timestamp":"2019-04-16T03:30:00.704Z"}', 'timestamp') as TIMESTAMP));

Currently the line above returns a date of 2019-04-15.

But if I make this call in December (note the time has +1 hour), will it still return a date of 2019-04-15.

select convert_timezone('America/New_York', CAST(json_extract_path_text('{"timestamp":"2019-04-16T04:30:00.704Z"}', 'timestamp') as TIMESTAMP));

In other words, will it switch between EDT and EST without intervention? Or is there a better way?




  • 2019-04-16T03:30:00.704Z (UTC) in America/New_York is 2019-04-15T23:30:00.704-04:00

  • 2019-04-16T04:30:00.704Z (UTC) in America/New_York is 2019-04-16T00:30:00.704-04:00

  • 2019-12-16T04:30:00.704Z (UTC) in America/New_York is 2019-12-15T23:30:00.704-05:00

For US Eastern Time, a date in April will be in -4 while a date in December will be in -5. In other words, the timestamp being converted is what determines which offset to apply.

The date and time that the code executes has no relevance.

  • Nice! Thank you. – Kenobi May 15 at 20:16

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