I am trying to overwrite the headers to have the push method called in this WebService but the IContextChannel InnerChannel argument does not exist in the definition.

I made the SecurityHeader class as indicated by the response of the article in the following link: https://stackoverflow.com/a/16031437/11505984. But I can't understand where InnerChannel comes from.

    TransmissionService transmission = new TransmissionService();
    using (new OperationContextScope(transmission.InnerChannel))
            new SecurityHeader("UsernameToken-8", "12345/userID", "password123"));
        transmission.publish(new Transmission());
catch(Exception e)
    var message = e.Message;

I'm having the following error: TransmissionService does not contain a definition for InnerChannel and no extension method.

Can someone explain to me what I need?


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