I have the following JSON output from a command.

    "userId": "abc@xyz.com",
    "firstname": "Tyrion",
    "lastname": "Lannister",
    "state": "ACTIVE"

    "userId": "def@xyz.com",
    "firstname": "Jamie",
    "lastname": "Lannister",
    "state": "ACTIVE"
    "userId": "ghi@xyz.com",
    "firstname": "Cersi",
    "lastname": "Lannister",
    "state": "ACTIVE"

When I try to select userId with the following

<command> | jq '.[] | select ('firstname') 

I get the following error

jq: error: userId/0 is not defined at <top-level>, line 1:
.[] | select (userId)              
jq: 1 compile error

However, if I save the output to a file

jq '[] | .firstname' lannisters.json

I get


Any pointers as to why the file version works while fails in zsh?

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    Looks like you've got a typo here jq '.[] | select ('firstname'), do you really run it like this? – oguz ismail May 15 at 19:20
  • I meant to say it fails when I run either the following way . <command> | jq -r '.[] | firstname' . <command> | jq -r '.[] | select (firstname)' . whereas this works . jq -r '.[] | .firstname' lannisters.json – Chenulu May 15 at 22:21

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