I am using OpenAI baseline to build a deepq model. I exported the model to proto buff format by modifying the code in baselines/common/tf_util.py like below:

def save_state(fname, sess=None):
    from baselines import logger
    logger.warn('save_state method is deprecated, please use save_variables instead')
    sess = sess or get_session()
    dirname = os.path.dirname(fname)
    if any(dirname):
        os.makedirs(dirname, exist_ok=True)

    saver = tf.train.Saver()
    saver.save(tf.get_default_session(), fname)
    tf.train.write_graph(sess.graph_def, './model', 'deepq_0515.pb', as_text=False)
    tf.train.write_graph(sess.graph_def, './model', 'deepq_0515.pbtxt')

I then load the model in C++ to perform inference. The model was fine loaded fine. However, when I do:

tensorflow::Status status =
    session_->Run({{"deepq/observation", input_tensor}}, {"deepq/Select"}, {}, &output_tensor);

I got the following errors. Any idea what I missed?

precondition:Attempting to use uninitialized value deepq/q_func/action_value/fully_connected/biases
     [[{{node deepq/q_func/action_value/fully_connected/biases/read}}]]
precondition: Attempting to use uninitialized value deepq/q_func/action_value/fully_connected_1/weights
     [[{{node deepq/q_func/action_value/fully_connected_1/weights/read}}]]

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