In Spring boot i have one Rest api with a controller "/my" . In "my controller i am calling 3 apis : /a, /b ,c

when any api is down i am throwing LocalHttpClientErrorException .

Now when i am exposing prometheus metrics it is showing the count which is fine .. but can i enrich this to show which api is actually throwing exception

Getting response

http_server_requests_seconds_sum{exception="LocalHttpClientErrorException",method="GET",outcome="CLIENT_ERROR",status="404",uri="/my",} 3.032826704

Expected Response

http_server_requests_seconds_sum{exception="LocalHttpClientErrorException at Api A",method="GET",outcome="CLIENT_ERROR",status="404",uri="/my/a",} 3.032826704


yes, you can enrich your metric with your own label. You didn't share the code, so I can't write an exact answer to your question, but you should look into WebFluxTagsProvider or MeterFilter.

I will update this, once you update the question.

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