I am trying to run a python script, made a skeleton of the flow of the script here:

import RPi.GPIO as GPIO

def interrupt()

    ...code here ...
    print stuff when things happen

pin = 17

GPIO.setup(pin, GPIO.IN)
GPIO.add_event_detect(pin, GPIO.RISING, callback=handle_interrupt)

print "Waiting for thing to happen..."

while True:

When I run it with python demo.py It sits and waits with a "Waiting for thing to happen..." if the interrupt happens, it shows up.

If I try to run it with:

nohup python demo.py &

the nohup file is created but no text is in it, almost like nohup isnt logging it right, is there something I am missing to run this type of a python script in the background?

  • Output is buffered when it's going to a file. You need to flush the output. – Barmar May 15 at 19:28

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