I am writing a test which clicks on certain filters and I notice some discrepancies between browsers. For example On major browsers(Chrome, Firefox, Safari) there are check boxes shown exactly in this format: Checkers, Cheese, Salsa, Butter. When I run the test on IE11 those strings are lower case and because it is lower case, my test is failing. To combat that I was hoping to use regular expressions. The function I am using to click those checkboxes is reusable.

I am puzzled because I am trying to pass the string in the regular expression but the test fails. I then went on to create a template literal and someone pass the string in the regular expression that way and the test still failed. My question is, is there a smarter way to pass in a string variable into a regular expression?

The filterPage looks like:

     export default class OrderHistory {
      constructor() {
          this.filter = Selector(


async selectFilter(text) {
    await t.click(this.filter.withText(`/${text}`/i));


The test page looks like:

 test(“click the cheese filter”, async t => {
   const cheeseFilter = Cheese;

   await filterPage.selectFilter(cheeseFilter);



RegExp constructor might do the job if you need to build the regex dynamically, since it can also accept a string.

new RegExp(text, 'i');
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