I have a custom dialog fragment with a listener attached.


And two classes that implement its listener

Class Parent implements DialogFragmentListener

Class Child extends Parent implements DialogFragmentListener

There are some instances where the Parent class shows this dialogfragment, and some where the child does.

In this case, Child class tells Parent class to show this dialogfragment (create dialog object, show with supportfragmentmanager). The listener methods on the Parent class trigger correctly from the dialogfragment.

Everything works perfectly fine here....

Migrated my code to AndroidX support libraries

This no longer works. Now, instead of going back to the caller's listener methods, the dialogfragment seems to just be going to the child's, or perhaps the top class in the stack (which is the child's class, not the parent's)

This is only an issue when the Parent and Child both implement the same listener. If only my Parent implements the listener, it does find the listener methods on the parent correctly.

Why did the androidX migration break this?

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