I have a table with product name, quantity1, quantity2, price. If a product has a Quantity1 value >0 it have a Quantity2 value of 0 and vica versa. I want to write a formula to return the product name with the highest list price if it has a number >0 in quantity1.

An example table is:

Product Name__     Quantity1__     Quantity2__     Price  

I attempted an INDEX MATCH that leveraged an IF statement and a MAX statement.

=INDEX(Product Name Range,MATCH(MAX(IF(Quantity1 Range>0,Price Range)),Price Range,0))

The problem is that the INDEX MATCH will pull the first product with the same list price identified with the MAX statement, resulting in incorrect results. This formula in the example table above would pull ProdC incorrectly.



  • This is a nice formula! I did notice that if all of Quantity 1 is zero, this will still return Prod A. This is probably an unrealistic scenario, but just a thought. – BigBen May 15 at 20:03
  • 1
    @BigBen Yeah, could add a check for that. wrap formula in IF(COUNTIF(Quantity1Range,">0")=0,"",<formula>) – tigeravatar May 15 at 20:08

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