I am creating an application that depends on 3rd party data from a REST API, and combines it with data from my own database.

I have a location entity endpoint at API, that I need to query using filters defined by the API (query parameters), and get a list of events at a given location from my database using Doctrine.

The issue I have is if I request an event and try to get its location, I would have to do a request to the 3rd party for each event.

I'm sure not the first one in need of combining different data sources but I haven't found much online about it.

I can cache the 3rd party data, perhaps to the database which would allow me to simply use Doctrine as usual?

Or should I create a doctrine repository thats not persisted in the database, if Doctrine allows that?

I feel like neither of those is an ideal approach. I looked into DoctrineRestDriver that I haven't tried using yet, but I don't (yet) see how would I define a different driver for a single data model (location) and if I did manage that, how would I annotate the relation?

Thanks for any input!

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