I would like to use paper trail to track when users change a sensitive field, like a password. This isn't a built-in option with paper trail right now, so I was hoping to add a custom adapter that approximates this behavior. I would like to add a hide option to the has_paper_trail in the model, similar to ignore and skip, except when a hidden field is changed a new version is still created. object_changes will have something like "password": ["modified"], instead of "password": ["password1", "password2"].

I was hoping to do this using a custom adapter and modifying the diff method.

I have deleted the 'object' column from the table so that the sensitive information will not be stored that, and I have set up the config to use my custom adapter. I'm struggling to access fields marked as hidden from the custom adapter though.

In the model:

class User < ApplicationRecord
  has_paper_trail hide: [:password]

And in the custom adapter:

  def diff(changes)
    diff_changes = {}
    # How to get this?
    hidden_fields = PaperTrail.record.paper_trail_options[:hide]
    changes.each do |field, value_changes|
      if hidden_fields.contains(field)
        diff_changes[field] = "modified"
        diff_changes[field] = value_changes

I can't figure out how to access paper_trail_options from here- is the custom adaptor strategy just not viable, or is there a way I can get the hidden fields?

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