I am making a number guessing game, and I have created a random integer using random.randint(1,100). I would like to create a range of ten higher and ten lower than the number created, that way if the number guessed by the player is withing ten of the randomly generated number, I can say higher or lower. I tried creating a range of 10 and creating variables of Overguess and Underguess, but I cannot add and integer and a list. Is there a way to create that range?

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    You don't need a range, just an upper and lower limit to compare against. So take your random number and add/subtract 10 from it. – Will May 15 at 20:28
import random
magic_number = random.randint(1,100)
number = int(input("Number : "))
for low in range (magic_number-10, magic_number+1):
    if number == low:
for high in range (magic_number, magic_number+11):
    if number == high:
print("Magic Number :", magic_number)

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