I have a controller to POST jobs of a user. On successful creation, the response should contain the created resource's link. For that I wrote the below ResourceAssembler

public class UserJobResourceAssembler implements ResourceAssembler<UserJob, Resource<UserJob>>  {

    private EntityLinks entityLinks;

    public UserJobResourceAssembler(EntityLinks entityLinks) {
        this.entityLinks = entityLinks;

    public Resource<UserJob> toResource(UserJob entity) {
        Resource<UserJob> resource = new Resource<>(entity);
                entityLinks.linkToSingleResource(UserJob.class, entity.getId()).withSelfRel()
        return resource;


And this is the controller

@RequestMapping(value = "/profiles" )
public class UserJobController {

    private UserJobService userJobService;

    public UserJobController(UserJobService userJobService) {
        this.userJobService = userJobService;

    @PostMapping(value = "/{uniqueId}/jobs")
    public Resource<UserJob> createJob(@Valid @RequestBody UserJob userJob, final Principal principal, @PathVariable String uniqueId) {

        return userJobService.save(userJob, principal.getName(), uniqueId);


    @GetMapping(value = "/{uniqueId}" + JOBS + "/{jobId}")
    @ResponseStatus(value = HttpStatus.CREATED)
    public Resource<UserJob> getSingleJob(@PathVariable String uniqueId, @PathVariable String jobId) {
        System.out.println("get single job for job id: " + jobId);

        return new Resource<UserJob>(new UserJob());


uniqueId is the id of the user for which this job is being created. Though the ResourceAssembler creates link but a wrong one.

"_links": {
        "self": {
            "href": "http://localhost:8085/api/v1/profiles/12"

I was expecting it to be http://localhost:8085/api/v1/profiles/theCoder/jobs/12

I know this is not the issue with ResourceAssembler but with the EntityLinks. And this can be solved by using linkTo instead of EntityLinks

resource.add(linkTo(methodOn(UserJobController.class).getSingleJob(entity.getUser().getUniqueId(), entity.getUserJobId().toString())).withSelfRel());

But I want to implement this in DRY principle and using the controller classes would stop me to make it DRY.

What are the alternatives/solutions?


In the resource processor, you are setting the self link to the URL for UserJob (/profiles which you have set in your controller) and concatenating the id, so it becomes "/profiles/id".

If you need to set a link to the URL of a method, ControllerLinkBuilder is the best option to avoid hardcoding URLs (which would be needed if you use EntityLinks):

@PostMapping(value = "/{uniqueId}/jobs")
public Resource<UserJob> createJob(@Valid @RequestBody UserJob userJob, final Principal principal, @PathVariable String uniqueId) {

    UserJob userJob = userJobService.save(userJob, principal.getName(), uniqueId);
    return toResource(userJob);


private Resource<UserJob> toResource(UserJob userJob) {
    Link selfLink = linkTo(methodOn(UserJobController.class)
        .getSingleJob(/* values */))

    return new Resource<>(userJob, selfLink);

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