In Swift you can set a set a recording format using:

let format = AVAudioFormat(commonFormat: AVAudioCommonFormat.pcmFormatInt16, sampleRate: hwSampleRate, channels: 1, interleaved: false)

I am struggling with how to do this in Objective C and autocomplete is not coming through either:

AVAudioFormat *newFormat = ??? 

(I need to create it in such a way as to set the sampleRate which is a readonly property.)



AVAudioFormat *newFormat = ((AVAudioFormat alloc) initWithCommonFormat:(AVAudioCommonFormat)format sampleRate:(double)sampleRate channels:(AVAudioChannelCount)channels interleaved:(BOOL)interleaved); 

You can find it in the docs. You just have to select Objective-C as language in the top bar.

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