I'm not mega experienced in CSS but moreso I'm confused about applying styles in conjunction with some razor-injected links as opposed to what I know about a href=""

I've got a bunch of repeating grid parts in this format:

<div class="grid-item bkg-smokey service1">
    @Html.ActionLink(@asp_net_mvc_site.Resources.Common.LinkHome, "x", "CLICK-HERE", null, null)
    <div class="my-circle">
        <div class="fas fa-code my-circle-inner"></div>
    <p>Some text here</p>

They're arranged using the grid notation in the parent, containing div class, e.g.

    display: grid;
    grid-template-columns: 1fr 1fr 1fr 1fr 1fr;
        "service1 service2 service3 service4 service5"

I want to make the entire grid box, service1, be the link so when a user hovers over the service1 div they can click anywhere on it and not just on the current text-line "CLICK HERE"

Now my inclination would be to change the div to an a href="" but I want to use razor so I can attribute the routing parameters.

How can I make the whole div container above an @Html.ActionLink?


I don't think Html.ActionLink can do what you're looking for.

Sounds like you need an custom Html Helper which will help with reusability.

using System;
namespace Application.Helpers
    public class BlockHelper
        public static string Block(string target, string someText)
            return String.Format("<a href='{0}'><div class='my-circle'><div class='fas fa-code my-circle-inner'></div></div><p>{1}</p></a>", target, someText);

This will help with reusability

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