I have a poetry website. I would like to publish a poem of old poets on it. The poem are shown only on the birthday and death of the old poet. How do I mark this time-varying content for search engines, so that they do not index wrong.

Currently I am building a TYPO3 extension. This can periodically display or hide any pages or content elements. The extension will also allow time-varying periods such as any Easter, Sunrise, or Chinese New Year celebration. The exact logic of the Timer-Strings will still be published

What is the best way to make search engines aware of temporal variability?

I plan to use a meta tag for whole pages (URL).

    <meta name = "periodic" content = "[Timer String]">

I plan to use the undifiend <periodic> tag, to mark temporally varying content elements.

     <periodic title = "[Timer-String]"> ... </ periodic> ...

My idea is: Browsers shall ignore unknown tags and I can easily ensure a timely fade-out via JavaScript.

What is the best way to makr temporary content search-engine friendly?

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Search engines periodically crawl all websites. Though it is not proven, most developers use the

<meta name="revisit-after" content="30 days">

tag to tell a web crawler when to revisit their site. Of course you can change the value in the content. Not sure if this is exactly what you're asking, but hope it helps!

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