I want to collect all of the build warnings that Xcode generates into a data file that I can pass to other tools. I've tried parsing the output of xcodebuild and that kinda works.

The problem is that the logs are very messy. Ideally warnings look like this

/Users/me/proj/myapp/RequestLayerFramework/Request Sender/RequestSender.h:370:74: note: insert '_Nullable' if the pointer may be null
- (void)createAndExecuteRequestWithHref:(NSString *)zoneHref

But sometimes for no apparent reason they look like this

tLayerFramework/Request Sender/RequestSender.h:
: note: insert '_Nullable' if the pointer may be nu

- (void)createAndExecuteRequestWithHref:(NSString *)zoneHref


I've really tried to make this work, but I keep finding weird corner cases that confuse my parser. It's too fragile.

Is there a build setting or something that makes these warnings easily collectible? I want file, line, column, and message for each warning.

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