When using sklearn DecisionTreeClassifier leaves are generated and each leaves contains samples. Currently visualizing this tree shows tree with leaves with number of samples of each class. I want to know exactly which samples fall in which leave? A tree representation

I want to get the samples that fall in each leaves, codes or ideas will be very helpful

  • show your code, what you tried, what you get, are there errors. – Lukas Novicky May 15 at 20:39

As the documentation of scikit learn explains it, you can use the method DecisionTreeClassifier.apply(self, X, check_input=True), which returns for each of the samples in X the ID of the leaf it 'felt' into:


Otherwise, you could use the method DecisionTreeClassifier.decision_path(self, X, check_input=True) to get a 'node indicator matrix where non zero elements indicates that the samples goes through the nodes'.


Thus, the following code may solve your problem:

dec_tree = DecisionTreeClassifier()
dec_tree.fit(x_train, y_train)

node_id_list = dec_tree.apply(x_train)

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