I'd like to add the NHD (National Hydrography Dataset) basemap (tile) to my leaflet map. Here is link that provides the Hydrography url I'm trying to use.

  setView(lng = -76.4, lat = 37, zoom = 09) %>% 

The basemap currently returned is completely blank. I expect it to look like this Adding WMS tiles from other sources seems to work fine.


Option #1 Follow this tutorial by USGS.

grp <- c("USGS Topo", "USGS Imagery Only", "USGS Imagery Topo","USGS Shaded Relief", "Hydrography")

GetURL <- function(service, host = "basemap.nationalmap.gov") {
sprintf("https://%s/arcgis/services/%s/MapServer/WmsServer", host, 

opt <- leaflet::WMSTileOptions(format = "image/png", transparent = TRUE)

map <- leaflet::leaflet()
map <- leaflet::addWMSTiles(map, GetURL("USGSHydroCached"),
   group = grp[5], options = opt, layers = "0")

map <- leaflet::hideGroup(map, grp[5])`

Option #2 Using inlmisc package, the CreateWebMap function adds a hydrography baselayer by default

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