When I include the plugin for cypress-svelte-unit-test along with Cypres to unit test Svelte files, which suggested to include my webpack config, I get an error when running cypress:open "A dynamic link library (DLL) initialization routine failed."

When I remove the import for node-sass in the webpack config that seems to fix. I have tried many things including downloading my node to 8.2.0 and reinstalling node-sass and cypress. I am able to get things working when I remove the usage of node-sass in the webpack and remove the sass in the svelte file

run: "npm run dev" to see the project load correct on localhost:8080 run "npm run cypress:open to see the test runner fail to load

comment out the lines advised in the webpack file to see that node-sass is the root of the issue for why the test runner fails to load

example project to show the issue:


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