I'm creating a signup sheet which links a Google app script to a background Google Sheet (which I own).

(1) - I would like users to be able to access my script, and signup on the signup sheet, without needing to authorize the script (which I can do if I deploy the script as execute by me).

(2) - I would also like to have a list of Admins who could see the exact same script signup interface, but have a couple of added links to do a couple of things like:

  • Mark who has paid
  • Send out an e-mail to all the people on the list.
  • Signup other people
  • Remove or change people's signups.

The best way I could think of doing the admin portion would be to deploy the script as the user, and check their e-mail. If their e-mail is included in one of the other Google Sheet tabs, they are shown the additional functionality.


  • Is there a way to deploy an app twice? With two different URLs, but have them run the exact same script? (Deploy one as execute as user, deploy one as execute as developer)

-- OR --

  • Is there an easy way to call all the code from one script into another, and have the second script deploy as user? (I'd be adding to created html elements, and need to be able to access those through jquery or something similar.)

-- OR --

  • Is there a way to deploy a script executed as the developer, but then see the e-mail of the person who is using it? (As far as I know, any normal email queries will ALWAYS return the user running the script. And when deploying as developer, it will ALWAYS return the developer's e-mail.) If there was a way to deploy as developer, but see who is really there, would give me enough information to change the interface for Admin users.

I have thought about duplicating the code into two scripts, and adding the additional admin functionality only to the second code, and deploying both scripts independently. However, this sounds like a lot of duplication, and some headache if I needed to update the interface in the future.

I also don't have any experience in OAuth Client Verification, or the verification process. This script is to be used for signups at our church, and not public outside of there. (Also, we are open and don't have "set members" or anything like that.)

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