I am trying to use a wildcard to pull out only certain types of relationship classes but don't know the syntax/usage of wildcards.

I have a piece of code that lists the relationship classes perfectly as I need it to.

ws = 'Database Connections\\gis@gisprod.sde'
arcpy.env.workspace = ws

featuredatasets = arcpy.ListDatasets("GIS.Wa*", "Feature")
fcs = []

print (featuredatasets)

# go into each feature dataset and get a list of relationship classes
for fd in featuredatasets:
    oldws = arcpy.env.workspace
    arcpy.env.workspace = ws + "\\" + fd

    relationship_classes = next(arcpy.da.Walk(arcpy.env.workspace, datatype='RelationshipClass'))[2]

a listing of all relationship classes within the workspace that contain "Has" in their name

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If you are asking about SQL Like Wildcard matching, then try using fnmatch module. It is a inbuilt module in Python which allows single character matching (via ?) or global matching (via *).

Even though the main purpose of the module is for filename matching, but you can still use it for string pattern matching.

Sample Code:

import fnmatch

a = "hello"
print(fnmatch.fnmatch(a, "h*"))


  • thank you - I will give that a try!! – RKS May 15 at 22:43

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