My accounting program has a theme editor to enable users to customise the forms such as invoices. The coding I would imagine is entirely HTML4 and consists of tables within tables. I hate tables!

The code that I have provided will display the Customer Address on the LHS of the sheet and the following on the RHS - Invoice Date, Due Date, Invoice Number, PO Number and Quote Number. I am interested in customising the RHS display.

Currently the format is Invoice Date and immediately underneath that shows the date of the invoice. Then there is a space below that and then Due Date is shown and below that the date that the invoice is due. The problem with this is that you have 15 lines going down pushing the table containing the sales items down as well and also wastes a lot of space in the centre horizontally that could be used.

I am trying to set it so that the invoice displays the first three field labels and field texts vertically and then displays the next two field labels vertically on the Left of the first vertical column.

I have tried doing setting the max line height:

{% for field in fields %}

and this worked in terms of pushing the sales item table up, but I could not work out how to overflow the text to go into a new "column"

Having said that, I am not happy with using the max line height approach as having a fixed height is never a good idea if you want to change fields in the future.

So I want to find out how to set 3 as the maximum number of for fields in fields to display vertically. I know that I need something like this:

IF counter = 3 THEN

But I can't get it to work. first it shows the text IF counter = 3 THEN on the invoice page and secondly what it's doing is aligning the labels horizontally from left to right with the result that labels 4 and 5 off the page beyond the RHS margin! I am expecting to see two columns with 3 labels in first column and two in second.

            <table style="color: #282f6b; font-size: 14px; margin-bottom: 20px"><tr>
                    <div><b>{{ recipient.name }}</b> {{ recipient.code }}</div>
                    <div>{{ recipient.address | newline_to_br }}</div>
                    <div>{{ recipient.identifier }}</div>
                    <td style="{% if business.address != null %} {% endif %}text-align: right">
                    {% for field in fields %}
                    <div style="font-weight: bold">{{ field.label }}</div>
                    <div style="margin-bottom: 10px">{{ field.text }}</div>
                    {% endfor %}
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