Im running many different models with the same IV but different DVs and would like to output the coefficients and clustered SEs from these. I'm not sure how to extract the clustered SEs though when using lapply.

Essentially, I'm not sure how to replicate the following two lines:

cl.cov1 <- cluster.vcov(model, subsetviolence$ea) # cluster-robust SEs

cl.se.1 <- sqrt(diag(cl.cov1))

Using this code:

part1<- c("eapost", "easchool", "eapolice", "eaelect", "eahealth", "eatownbuild", "gender", "age", "housen", "married", "school", "yoruba", "hausa", "igbo", "christian", "muslim", "relintensity", "agricfishmin", "indservtrader", "indservartisan", "outstudent", "outhousework","house", "land", "cattle", "radio", "cellphone", "expenditure", "attrition")
models <- lapply(1:length(part1), function(i) lm(as.formula(paste(part1[i],"~ treat")), data=surveyviolence))

to get the output into a table.

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