I'm working on a React project using Apollo Client and there is a cache.writeQuery() call being made that is causing a re render of a related query component.

See code for details:


cache.writeQuery( {
    query : serverQueries.searchMessages,
    variables : {
        labelId : labelId,
        searchTerms : searchTermsString ? searchTermsString : null,

    data : { Messages : updatedData }
} );

Related query component that is re rendering:

                labelId: searchMailLabelId,
                searchTerms: searchTerms.asJSON,

I do not want this query component to re render and from what I've read it seems as though cache.writeData() allows that behaviour. However, cache.writeData() apparently does not allow the variable key which I would need to update unique/individual searchMessages. How can I use cache.writeData() in order to execute the same query?

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cache.writeData() usage for updating single item (by type) is described here

But ... I'm affraid it will force rerender query component, too. This behaviour is from <Query/> component internals - creating an observable/subscription:

Apollo Client creates an observable for our query. Our component subscribes to the result of the query via the Apollo Client cache.

SUGGESTION: You can use old graphql() HOC to avoid rerendering with cache.writeQuery(). I personally prefer HOCs using more flexible/powerfull recompose pattern (f.e. for composing multiple queries, mutations, local state, redux connect() ).

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