good day; I create data base helper to reduce my code in laravel frame work , but when I use function in my helper I recice error message "Call to a member function whereRaw() on array", this is my helper code

namespace App\Helpers;
    use DB;

    class dBHelper
         * This functin retrive all data with pagination .

        public static function pagination($dbName,$Tablename,$Condition="",$data)
            $stattment =DB::connection(''.$dbName.'')-> select('select * from  '.$Tablename.' ')
                ->whereRaw(''.$Condition.'', $data)

            return $stattment;


this is my controller

$dataView['products']=dBHelper::pagination('mysql','products','`status`=? AND `deleted`=?',array(1,1));
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    You're trying to call whereRaw() on an array. Presumably this is what select() returns. – miken32 May 15 at 21:24
  • I want to give condition passing it into array to filter data like where status=1 and deleted =1 I do this function to use pagination you can help me if I passing filter using array to use pagination I can wrjite this statement " $stattment =DB::connection(''.$dbName.'')-> select('select * from '.$Tablename.' WHERE '.$Condition.' ',$data);" and it work but icant use pagination you can help me if tell me how to paginate data using this statemt – Ahmed Gaber May 15 at 21:35

The problem is that the select() method actually runs the query.

Your DB::connection('name') call returns an instance of


This has a select method

 * Run a select statement against the database.
 * @param  string  $query
 * @param  array   $bindings
 * @param  bool  $useReadPdo
 * @return array
public function select($query, $bindings = [], $useReadPdo = true);

As you can see the return type here is array.

Your best bet is to call the table() method, which will return a fluent query builder.

 * Begin a fluent query against a database table.
 * @param  string  $table
 * @return \Illuminate\Database\Query\Builder
public function table($table);

So, to achieve what you want, your code should be as follows.

return DB::connection($dbName)
    ->whereRaw($condition, $data)

This will return an instance of


I should add that paginate(1) will return a paginated list of 1 record. If you only want one, use first() instead.

Hope this helps.

  • very thanks for your help @ollieread this is th solution – Ahmed Gaber May 15 at 23:23
  • Glad to hear it @AhmedGaber. You can click the tick under the arrows next to my answer to mark it as correct. That way the question will show as answered and others who find this in the future will be shown the solution. – ollieread May 15 at 23:33
  • done @ollieread marked and voted – Ahmed Gaber 2 days ago

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