I have created a custom control inherited from TControl, using TPathData to create lines - it draws a custom wayfinding path for a graphical application that I'm building. I currently have created the control and have a path which is displayed and property repaints.

The inherited properties that would provide mouse-based interaction do not work (e.g., OnClick, OnMouseDown) even though I can assign an OnClick event handler without runtime errors. The handler is simply never called.

My custom control is declared as:

TPathSegment = class (TControl)


  constructor Create(ACanvas: TCanvas; AObject: TControl; listsize:int32);
  destructor Destroy; override;
  procedure Paint; override;

From the calling program, I create an object like this:

mypath := TPathSegment.Create(canvas,layout1,50);
mypath.HitTest := true;
mypath.Parent := layout1;
mypath.Onclick := MyPathOnClick;
mypath.pathThickness := 10;


I expect to be able to click on a drawn line (defined by TPathData) and handle an event - but I can't.

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    Is there a reason why you are trying to process the click outside of the control, instead of having the control override the virtual MouseClick() or Mouse(Down|Up)() methods to handle the click inside of the control? And why are you passing a Canvas into the control's constructor, is your ``Paint()` drawing on that Canvas instead of drawing on the control's own Canvas? – Remy Lebeau May 15 at 21:02
  • Remy - Simple ignorance - I'm still learning Delphi after a considerable hiatus. I'm happy to know I can and should handle these events inside the control-how do I structure the override of the MouseClick() to capture the click on my path and pass it on to an external caller? – Jeff Gerth May 15 at 22:12
  • Also - wrt the passing of theCanvas into the control's constructor I have learned that I needed to override the paint and now after a fashion I have a repaint that partially redraws but as I've learned I have to either break up the path into segments so I have control over the properties for each drawn segment (i.e., line connections and waypoints are saved as separately ForWayPointsDrawing:=canvas.savestate; Canvas.Drawpath(FpathWaypoints,1); – Jeff Gerth May 15 at 22:24
  • Read the documentation: MouseClick, MouseDown, MouseUp. They provide click coordinates, convert those as needed to your paths, and then add a new event to your control, ie OnPathClick to give the user info about the Path that was clicked, if any. As for the Canvas, I still don't see why you need to pass in an external Canvas into the control. – Remy Lebeau May 15 at 22:53
  • @Remy - I was early on in development not able to see my drawn path on the external canvas - I also considered double buffering as a way to preserve the already drawn path - now I'm not so sure. I'll read docs and refactor what I can as you suggest and revisit this post with results. Thx – Jeff Gerth May 15 at 22:57

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