I am trying to make an @if-statement to only display a certain jQuery DataTable function if a certain Blade file has been @included into a show blade.

This might sound like making it harder than it is, but I want to keep the @section('scripts') area clean if it is not necessary to use it within the current show-page.

  1. Placing the <script> within the @include did NOT work;
  2. Placing the <script> within the show-page did work, but makes the show-page bloated; and
  3. The current code (see below), only checks if the view exists so it will always be TRUE.
@if ( View::exists('admin.users') ) {{-- on the current Blade! --}}
        "language": @json(__('datatables')),
  • Have you tried using @section('scripts') followed by @parent in the @include? The @parent should append the script on the include into the show's @section('scripts'). This info is buried in the 'Extending A Layout' section of the blade docs. – N Mahurin May 15 at 20:59
  • Thank you @NMahurin for your comment. This worked like I hoped it would and it does not make the Blade bloaded like I wanted to prevent. – djvoyager May 16 at 9:49

I've encountered a similar issue myself. To solve it you can make use of blade stacks.

The way I do it is in the footer of my main layout, below the script tags including the js I put @stack('javascript'). Then, in a view where I want to include some js, so for you this would be in the admin.users view I would add..

        // my js here

That way the js will be appended to the footer once the view is included.

For more information see the docs.

  • Thank you @ollieread for the answer. This, like @NMahurin worked well. However, I noticed that it might be cleaner to use the @parent directive. Under the consideration that, if you have a lot of scripts, you do not need to @stack them all into one Blade. On the other hand, it will make it clear that the Blade making use of those scripts. – djvoyager 2 days ago
  • It's worth noting that the @parent and @section features used in that way are almost identical to @stack and @push. – ollieread 2 days ago

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