I've one little pain in the back problem.
On any Laravel project once registered, the user is created in DB and the user is redirected to his /home/.
This is the default behavior of all laravel projects after one php artisan make:auth.

On my first laravel (5.5) project when you register, you are redrect to the /home with the login form.

That was not my main problem at beginning so I left it aside. Today I decided to resolve it once and for all. I found where is the problem but I cannot find a way to solve it.

In the RegistersUsers.php (no modification) I have

public function register(Request $request)
    event(new Registered($user = $this->create($request->all())));
    return $this->registered($request, $user)
                        ?: redirect($this->redirectPath());

validator is ok, user is created, event is thrown but $this->guard()->login($user); do not sign me in. On the login form which is shown after registering I can log in but I would want to avoid my new customers to have to auth once registered.

What I've already done :
- I've read the laravel authentication many times.
- I've tried to restore originals app/Http/Controllers/Auth/*.php files from other laravel projects where things are working fine.
- I've checked some directories perm (to be sure).

And I'm still stuck. So the question is what could make this function fail once user is created ? How would you solve this ? If you have any clue to help me I would be grateful.

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