Our team uses an Azure DevOps Pipeline that runs based on the code in another repository. We have a yaml file written within our repository that references the other repository for our Azure DevOps Pipeline as follows:

  - repository: e2e_fx
    type: github
    name: Azure/iot-sdks-e2e-fx
    ref: refs/heads/master
    endpoint: 'GitHub OAuth'

- template: vsts/templates/jobs-gate-c.yaml@e2e_fx

Currently the yaml points to the head of master for the other repository, so if a new commit is added to that remote repository then it will be pointed to. I want to be able to reference a specific commit from the repository referenced. How can I do that?

For reference, I've already tried copying the specific commit I want to reference and pasting it where refs/heads/master is right now, but that gave an error.

  • Do you want that Azure DevOps will bring only specific commit to the build pipeline? – Shayki Abramczyk May 16 at 5:56
  • exactly. Only a specific commit of the referenced repository. – yodama May 17 at 18:01
  • Ok, see my answer :) – Shayki Abramczyk May 19 at 7:15

Currently there is no option to do it out-of-the-box in the .yaml file.

You can configure the .yaml to not sync sources, then the build will not download the repository, and in the beginning of the build add a Command Line task to download only the commit yo want.

To tell the .yaml not to sync sources in the steps: add - checkout: none:

- checkout: none # Don't sync sources

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