I know there is a continuum transition in windows phone 7 and it doesn't seem to be included in the silverlight toolkit yet.

Any ideas how to create one?

Thanks in adv. :)


At last I took some code from Kevin Marshall's excellent post regarding wp7 page transitions and I think this post will give you a good start. :)


I'm not entirely sure which animation you're referring to as continuum however if it's the one I think you're talking about then Metro in Motion Part #3 - Flying Titles may be some help. If not there are a few other articles in the series that could help you build your own.

  • Thanks! Exactly what i was looking for. :) – Justin XL Apr 11 '11 at 2:31

For anyone using the Silverlight Toolkit, I've created a Continuum Transition class that you can drop straight into your project and start using like the other transitions in the toolkit.

Check out the details here: Continuum Transition for Windows Phone Silverlight Toolkit | Benjii.Me

  • +1, good work! I will definitely check it out when I have time. :) – Justin XL Nov 9 '11 at 5:34

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