I have an 8000*8000 adjacency matrix and I want to apply SpectralClustering on it

muClusters = SpectralClustering(n_clusters=mCluster, assign_labels="discretize", random_state=0).fit(adjMat)

which causes this error:

 ...\lib\site-packages\sklearn\cluster\spectral.py:99: RuntimeWarning: divide by zero encountered in true_divide
vectors = vectors / np.sqrt((vectors ** 2).sum(axis=1))[:, np.newaxis]
SVD did not converge, randomizing and trying again

I checked my adjacency matrix. It is non negative, It does not have any NaN elements and sum of each row is greater than 0( each node has at least one neighbor).

So what's wrong with my adjacency matrix and why the vectors are zero?

  • How can we tell without seeing the adjacency matrix? – gmds May 15 at 23:22
  • How can I put a 3600*3600 matrix here? I described the matrix, It's non negative, non-NaN, with at least one element in each row greater than 0 – Taher May 16 at 8:07

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