I am attempting to delete the General Log File for MySQL, but I get the message

'The action can't be completed because the file is open in MySQL Workbench.'

I don't see the log file open, and I have turned it off via query in MySQL Workbench. Is there another way to ensure that the log is not open in Workbench?


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    I assume you tried already to close your Workbench instance to have it give up the file handle for the log? Also, a Workbench process might be hung due to some weird condition. Check with e.g. Process Explorer or Task Manager to see if there's a dead instance still running. Kill that and you should be able to remove the log file. – Mike Lischke May 16 at 6:49

Thanks - When I ran Task Manager, there were no applications running, so I installed Process Explorer and that found the running instance of Workbench. I killed it, and now I have been able to delete the log file

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