I have a pause menu canvas with music and some soundfx of buttons, when I press ESC canvas gameobject becomes active and setting timescale = 0; and calling AudioListener.pause = true; to avoid in-game sounds play.

But when I call AudioListener.pause = true; Pause menu music and buttons' soundfx couldn't play too.

Pause = true;

            AudioListener.pause = true;


            Time.timeScale = 0;

            Time.fixedDeltaTime = 0.02F * Time.timeScale;

I tried to add another audio listener to new canvas but it is not working also.


I fixed the solution with that code;

void PauseAllSources()
        AudioSource[] allAudioSources = FindObjectsOfType<AudioSource>();
        foreach(AudioSource a in allAudioSources)
            if (a.isActiveAndEnabled == true)
                if (a.isPlaying) a.Pause();
                else a.UnPause();


Replaced AudioListener.pause = true; with PauseAllSources();

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