I know how to create CosmosDB databases and collection using ARM templates. I have a UDF (User Defined Function) that I would like to deploy using an ARM template as well but it doesn't seem to be supported.

Am I missing something? Is there a different way to programmatically deploy/maintain a UDF?


You could consider using Cosmos Db sdk or REST API to deploy udf into your collection.

sample code:

string udfId = "Tax";
var udfTax = new UserDefinedFunction
    Id = udfId,
    Body = {...your udf function body},

Uri containerUri = UriFactory.CreateDocumentCollectionUri("myDatabase", "myContainer");
await client.CreateUserDefinedFunctionAsync(containerUri, udfTax);

Simple answer No, Stored procedures and User Defined Functions are not supported via Azure Resource Management Templates as of today.

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