In my resource xml file, I am trying to have a button that looks like the "Resend Code" in the image below. My strategy has been to use a button and give it the same background as the background color of the screen and add a bottom border only. How should I add the bottom border ? PS: The button in question is the "Resend Code" below the "Cancel". enter image description here


you can use Textview and underline to get the same look like your design

Either you can use

mTextView.setPaintFlags(mTextView.getPaintFlags() | Paint.UNDERLINE_TEXT_FLAG);
mTextView.setText("Resend Code");

Or you can use

String htmlString="<u>Resend Code</u>";

For button, you should make a string resource as

<string name="underlined_dynamic_text"><u>%s</u></string>

and use this as a

button.setText(getString(R.string.underlined_dynamic_text, "Resend Code");

You can set the background(the image resource) of the button to only be the border.

But if I were to reproduce that "Resend Code". I would just use a TextView with an underline.

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