I am trying to create a messaging extension which makes use of two parameters in Teams.

I have created a messaging extension which takes two parameters in the manifest. After this, I have made a bot server using the botbuilder-teams v4.0.0-beta1 package in node.

The manifest contains the following:

    "composeExtensions": [
            "botId": "########-####-####-####-############",
            "canUpdateConfiguration": true,
            "commands": [
                    "id": "Test",
                    "title": "Test",
                    "description": "test",
                    "initialRun": true,
                    "parameters": [
                            "name": "Param1",
                            "title": "Param 1",
                            "description": "This is param 1"
                            "name": "Param2",
                            "title": "param 2",
                            "description": "param 2"

And I have the below code in my server to reply to messaging extension requests

private onMessagingExtensionQuery = async (ctx: TurnContext, query: teams.MessagingExtensionQuery): Promise<teams.InvokeResponseTyped<teams.MessagingExtensionResponse>> => {
    type R = teams.InvokeResponseTypeOf<'onMessagingExtensionQuery'>;
    let heroCard1 = CardFactory.heroCard('Result Card1', '<pre>This card mocks the CE results 1</pre>');
    let heroCard2 = CardFactory.heroCard('Result Card2', '<pre>This card mocks the CE results 2</pre>');
    let response: R = {
      status: 200,
      body: {
        composeExtension: {
          type: 'result',
          attachmentLayout: 'list',
          attachments: [
    return Promise.resolve(response);

When I attempt to use my messaging extension, I enter the first paramater and the two result cards are shown and I can select one. However, after this I have no option to enter a second parameter. Instead, I just have the selected card in my chat box ready to send to my bot.

How do I make use of both of these messaging extension parameters?


  • @Gousia-MSFT thanks for the reply, I'd mark it as an accepted answer if you would write it as one. – Brendan Hart May 21 at 21:42

Multi-parameter is only supported for command type set to action. For query we only support 1 parameter currently. The way it surfaces in the UI is with a simple form in the task module.

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