I'm trying to output data to a .csv file, but when I run the program it does not change the output file. It is as if I have not run the program at all. It builds successfully.

I created this project in XCode. The ".xcodeproject" and "example.csv" files are located in the working directory (Desktop -> ofstream). "main.cpp" is located in Desktop -> ofstream -> ofstream and is the only file in that folder. I am using "Release" for builds.

#include <iostream>
#include <fstream>

int main( int argc, char* argv[] )
    std::ofstream myfile;
    myfile.open ("example.csv");
    myfile << "This is the first cell in the first column.\n";
    myfile << "a,b,c,\n";
    myfile << "c,s,v,\n";
    myfile << "1,2,3.456\n";
    myfile << "semi;colon";
    return 0;

What am I missing to successfully write into this .csv file?

  • "What am I missing to successfully write into this .csv file?" I'm not sure. What exactly is the problem you're having? Could you be more specific? – Chipster May 15 at 23:02
  • Either myfile.open ("example.csv"); is failing, which you are not checking for, or the Current Working Directory of the calling process is not what you are expecting, so "example.csv" gets written in some other folder. You should never use relative file paths, always use absolute paths. And add error checking. – Remy Lebeau May 15 at 23:03
  • Check that the call to open() worked ( add if (myfile) {std::cerr << "Error\n";}). If you are using an IDE it will "probably" be run in the same directory as the IDE (so look there for the 'example.csv'). You can try specifying a full path "/tmp/example.csv" or you can change the current working directory. stackoverflow.com/questions/3485166/… – Martin York May 15 at 23:33
  • 1
    Using an absolute file path fixed the issue. Thank you all – Garrett Strealy May 15 at 23:58
  • Unable to reproduce problem. The code compiled, created and wrote the expected 5 lines of content ... the location of the new file is the default directory where the code was compiled and run. – 2785528 May 15 at 23:58

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