I have this code to generate a random directory structure given some parameters, and a running against the eval limits, so I am trying to use Xargs to work around as per @TheOtherGuy but I am doing something wrong.


In VS CODE watch

declare -- DIRCMD="mkdir -p ./rndpath/\"LUl\"/{\"KYh\",\"NQ \",\"NU\",\"Hjn\",\"lS\",\"TEW\"}/{\"Rbf\",\"DU\",\"N4\",\"Da7o\",\"aNK\",\"2oS\"}"

And do

eval "$DIRCMD" 

Everything works unless I hit the eval expansion limits.

As Per @ThatOtherGuy trying to work around the limitation I tried

dircmd1="printf "%s\0 " $OUTDIR/\"$FLDIR\"/$FLCHILDREN"
eval "$dircmd1" | xargs -0 mkdir -p

[admin@119 rndpath]$ tree -a --dirsfirst -s ./
└── [       4096]  LUl
    └── [       4096]  {KYh,NQ,NU,Hjn,lS,TEW}
        └── [       4096]  {Rbf,DU,N4,Da7o,aNK,2oS}

What am I doing wrong?

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    I tried formatting the code properly to see if that'd help but I still have no idea what you're code is supposed to do or what error message or other failure you're getting or what your question is. Please try to clarify your question and provide a real minimal reproducible example. See How to Ask if that's not clear. – Ed Morton May 16 at 0:00
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    So you want a parameterized version of mkdir -p LUl/{Kyh,NQ,NU,Hjn,lS,TEW}/{Rbf,DU,N4,Da7o,aNK,2oS}? – chepner May 16 at 0:30
  • I found the answer... DIRCMD="printf \"%s\0\" ./\'$FLDIR\'/$FLCHILDREN" then eval "$DIRCMD" | xargs -0 mkdir -p – Asto May 16 at 4:09

Here is the answer DIRCMD="printf \"%s\0\" ./\'$FLDIR\'/$FLCHILDREN" then eval "$DIRCMD" | xargs -0 mkdir -p somehow without the backlashes it did not work. I have no idea why and would be nice to know.

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