I have this code in my android app by created notifications via firebase in react Native.

I want to show the notification with image but I get the title, the text and a white space (no image).

const getImageNotificationUrl = this.state.notificationImage; alert("esto es imagen que enviare: " + getImageNotificationUrl); const notification = new firebase.notifications.Notification().setNotificationId('notificationId: ' + data.id).setTitle(data.title).setBody(data.body); notification.android.setChannelId('samsungpluschannel').android.setSmallIcon('ic_notif').android.setBigPicture(getImageNotificationUrl).android.setAutoCancel(true).android.setDefaults(firebase.notifications.Android.Defaults.All); firebase.notifications().displayNotification(notification);

In my package.json I have

"react-native-firebase": "4.3.0"

-- screenshot with the img...

this is a link with my screenshot of my expanded notification

this is a link with url alert image

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