I’m putting logs in my Node.js app. I’ve created logger module in applog.js using winston library, and imported it to all other modules. It’s working fine in most module, but it doesn’t work in one module. Code for importing is

const applog = require(‘../app/logging/applog’) 

The path is correct. It doesn’t throw a error while importing it. However, it returns and empty object {} When I tried to use it like

applog.info(‘logging message’)

It threw an exception, and the error message is applog.info is not a function

====> Solved it. Thank you for the comments. Explanations are below.

applog file has logging configuration, and the logs are pushed to console and Elasticsearch. Recently I’ve created Vault module(file) to get id and password for ES, and ES config file is calling it. So When I put const applog = require(‘../app/logging/applog’) to Vault, it got an empty applog. Because applog needed ES, ES needed Vault and Vault needed applog. My stupid mistakes. I’ve removed applog from Vault and everything is working fine.

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  • what is your folder structure? – kgangadhar May 16 at 0:45
  • Lucy if you add more about your folder structure and build environment you'll get a better answer here. Also wouldn't hurt to put together a basic stackblitz that show's your problem to help us properly diagnose your issue. – Paul Ryan May 16 at 1:22
  • Are the quotes like that actually in your code? – Brad May 16 at 5:09
  • What is your folder structure? Also show us the other module code where you have imported this logger module. – R.Sarkar May 16 at 7:03

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