I have this image which consists of all the frames of an animation https://raw.githubusercontent.com/codeshifu/react-thanos/master/lib/assets/thanos_snap.png

Is there any way to show this image in React Native? I have been searching around but all other questions are about how to animate a list of images in sequence, but in my case it's just one image.


It looks like the frames are all in one image file, so you probably want to render the image file once and translate the image inside a view that hides any overflow.

// Imagine 32 frames of 100x100 image. 
<View style={{ width: 100, height: 100, overflow: "hidden" }}>
    <Image style={{ width: 3200, height: 100, transform: [ { translateX: 0 } ] }} />

React Native Transfrom docs

You can set the translateX to 100 * i to show the frame at index i.


In this post I provided more information on how to achieve the desire result based on the great answer by @AJcodez.

So this is the necessary steps:

  1. Calculate each frame size. In my case the image is 3840x80 and there are 48 frames, so each frame will be 80x80.

  2. Initialize a state to hold the current frame index.

  3. Setting translateX value to -80 * currentFrameIndex (because we will translate it from left to right).

  4. Fire a setInterval to update the currentFrameIndex each X millisecond, and once the frame index gets to 48, we clear the interval and set the index back to 0.

This is the result:

enter image description here

You can view the code here.

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