I am trying to build a products page where the user can click on a 'details' button and see more info about the product. I am using an 'active' class to show and hide this info, and the html for the products is being produced through a for loop. I am able to get the popup window to come up with the correct information (although not by use of the button, rather clicking on the div makes that work), but cannot figure out how to select the close button so I can remove the 'active' class and have the window disappear. Very new to javascript and jquery so any help is appreciated.

for(i = 0; i < items.length; i++) {

        var prodDiv = document.createElement("div");
        var popDiv = document.createElement("div");

        //Add item info to HTML element
        prodDiv.innerHTML = blob;

        popDiv.innerHTML = popUpWindow;

        //Add class attributes
        prodDiv.setAttribute("class", "col-sm-4 col-lg-2 prodContent");
        popDiv.setAttribute("class", "popup-overlay");

        //Add new element to div
        var currentDiv = document.getElementById("allDiv");

//appends an "active" class to .popup and .popup-content when the "Open" button is clicked
$("#allDiv").on("click", "div", function(e){


//removes the "active" class to .popup and .popup-content when the "Close" button is clicked 

$(".close").on("click", function(){
  // $(".popup-overlay, .popup-content").removeClass("active");

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