I have an idea but do not know how to execute it. I am working on a webpage, design in progress, with a bootstrap carousel. What I would like is to have on page load 3 items randomized out of a pool of n amount. That way each time the page is loaded, there is new content.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to accomplish this? I am fine with using something different then carousel.


  • At least show what you have done so far to get further helps. – Chaska May 16 at 1:59

Here you get your items length using jQuery :

let items = $('.item').length;

then you create a function to get random number depending on your items length using this function:

function getRandomInt(items) {
  return Math.floor(Math.random() * Math.floor(max));

then you put it in your Bootstrap carousel function :


and then you associate it with your click event for example :

   let items = $('.item').length;

Or automatically :

$('#myCarousel').on('slide.bs.carousel', function () {
   let items = $('.item').length;

Assuming you have pool that has your carousel elements as objects, this will pick 3 random elements from the variable pool.

let pool = [{id: 1}, {id: 2}, {id: 3}, {id: 4},{id: 5},{id: 6}];
// Number of randoms you want to pick from the pool
let noOfRandoms = 3;

 * Returns a random number between 0 and max (Excluding max)
function getRandomInt(max) {
  return Math.floor(Math.random() * Math.floor(max));

function getRandoms() {
  let availableElements = pool;

  let selectedElements = [];
  while (noOfRandoms--) {
    // Get a random integer from 0 to (availableElements.length)
    let selectedIndex = getRandomInt(availableElements.length);
    // Add element at the selectedIndex from availableElements to selectedElements
    // Remove the element at selectedIndex from availableElements array
    availableElements.splice(selectedIndex, 1);

  return selectedElements;


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