I have a dataframe called df['code'] which looks like this.

0          1
1          2
2          3
3          6
4          9
5         12
6         15

in which the first column are indexes and the second one is the column I wanted to convert to integers.

What I tried to do is:
for i in range(len(df['code'])): df['code'][i] = int(df['code'][i])

which did not work. Any ideas? Thanks

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    df['columns'].astype(int) – WeNYoBen May 16 at 1:37

I think one way to do this would be:

for i in range(len(df['code'])):
    df['code'].iloc[i] = int(df['code'].iloc[i] )

Instead of using the index itself, it uses the index position.

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